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 Bissap Baobab 2323 Mission St (19th)Download 415-826-9287  Always a "fun, unusual" choice "for an alternative night out" say fans, this "one-of-a-kind" Mission spot serves huge  portions of Senegalese fare at "unbelievable low prices", but many come mainly for the funky ambiance "exotic" cocktail elixirs" and uber-festive West African tunes Z$ Senegalese cuisine plus some neighboring African cuisine. ...The specialty drinks are definitely worth getting, and the warm chocolate souffle was awesome. The place is noisy and crowded...I love the pastelles and fish yassa

Charanga Latin American Caribbean 2351 Mission St./ 19th (415) 282-1813 D Dinner Tues.-Sat.. No Reservations: No SGWC

Cha Cha Cha at the Original McCarthy's 2327 Mission St.(between 19th and 20th sts.) (415) 648-0504 Cranking out the killer "Caribbean style tapas" long
Download  "before they became all the rage" these "frenetic" "party places" ... "dangerous sangria" (mojitos and margaritias too) that'll put "your date in a tropical daze"Z  Have never left here unsatisfied... great bar and really good food.  I always talk to random strangers here and have really good conversation

Valencia Pizza and Pasta , Italian 801 Valencia St.(at 19th St.) (415) 642-1882 ¢ A great bargain with healthy servings and fast table service

Burger Joint  American burgers  807 Valencia (at 19th St.), S.F. 824-3494 BNZ In an atmosphere reminiscent of the Jetson’s, Burger Joint serves up some of the best hamburgers in the city.  Hands down, better burger than Zuni.  

The Phoenix Bar & Irish Gathering House (Celtic) 811 Valencia (@ 19th) (415) 695-1811 Anything with Irish bacon. Pastas and soups. G $$  The food far, far outstrips any other bar food anywhere.  They make their own catsup, from scratch They even make the pickles from scratch!  Jake, the head chef, is great.  Some specials that come to mind are rabbit sausage, lamb shank wrapped in bacon...great afternoon sports pub....can't not love a place the serves really solid fish and chips.

Osha Thai Noodles Noodle Shop,Southeast Asian,Thai  819 Valencia St. (19th St.) 415-826-7738 delivery three locations and the Valencia site by far serves the best food...spicy beef salad, the coconut rice, the volcanic beef, the spring rolls 

Range American New 842 Valencia St. (btwn 20th & 19th) (415) 282-8283 Top 100 Restaurant 2006  "Range is the most exciting moderately priced restaurant to open in the Mission District since Delfina in 1998" excellent & creative menu - the kind where you audibly "ooo" and "ahhh" as you read it...equal parts eye candy and table candy...Overall:  I'll always feel home on the Range in SF."

Cafe Ethiopia  Ethiopian/Eritrean 878 Valencia (at 20 st St), (415) 285-2728 W injera (pancake bread) authentically made with teff, a full-flavored African grain.

East of Mission

Los Jarritos Mexican Latin American 901 South Van NessDownload [at 20th St.] (415) 648-8383 $ WS Guadalajaran-born, Mission raised Dolores "Josie" Reyes has served her famous menudo (tripe soup) since the ’80s. There's a lot of love in this corner outlook   Holy mole! Delicious Mexican brunch and more in the old-style Mission Best Mexican Restaurant in Bay Area 2002 Citysearch editorial Best Mole in town, hands down!  and the Chilaquiles Remo are to die for.  Wash it down with a Mexican Hot Chocolate.  Family-owned and run,  you can taste every bit of love in the cooking
Café Gratitude Vegan 2400 Harrison St. (20th St.) website 415-824-4652  Yes, it is a SNL skit come to life.  Or maybe more Kids in the Hall.  But, I must give up the stars because the chow is righteous brothers and sisters
Closing Early
CAFE LA TAZA 2475 Mission Street 415.824.7717 Great coffee and delicious and affordable food ...The clientele isn't strictly hipster which is always nice."... Try the la taza salad for a healthy quick lunch.
Pete's Chicken Barbeque 2399 Mission (at 20th Street), S.F. (415) 826-1009. Daily, 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Takeout available. No Credit blue collar place where you get a lot for your money...The food is delicious

Boogaloos American (Traditional) 3296 22nd Street (at Valenica)  (415) 824-4088 Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

 "Fantastic breakfast menu.  Plenty of the regular fare and some odd Boogaloo specialty items to make this place worth a visit and have enough variety to keep you coming back.
TaquerÌa Cancun Latin Fast Food 2288 Mission (at 19th Street), 252-9560 (1 of 3 )¢W "Best Burrito '99 The guac is true guac; Taquería Cancun puts whole avocado in its burritos. The meat is top-quality and tender. The salsa is made with care....And get this: They grill the tortilla. Not a steamer in the joint. 
El Faro Taqueria 2399 Folsom St. ( 20th) the "original super burrito" is worth a visit for the free parking across the street and historic value  review at


Valencia & 22nd || ||(2+ block radius)
parking garage on 21st Street (at Bartlett between Mission & Valencia).

 22nd & Guerrero

Foreign Cinema  2534 Mission St.(415) 648-7600 $$$ "classy, stylish and exactly what the city needed to take it to the next level" citySearch | Top 100 2006  Valet Parking  

Medjool Restaurant Lounge Middle    2522 Mission Street (nr 21st St) Review by Michael Bauer at sfgate The rooftop bar is where you want to be. On a clear day there is no better place to enjoy a drink and a 360 degree view of the city but bring a jacket and cash.  Valet Parking 

El Perol (Peruvian Latin American) 2590 Mission St./22nd (inside the Mission Market Mall) (415) 550-8582 H S a great find for wonderfully fresh and stew-hearty Peruvian home cooking. Order either cafeteria-style or from the menu and take a seat with the families under the parasoled tables.(S.D.)!½S 

Tacos Santana Bar & Grill Mexican
2491 Mission Street [at 21st] (415) 920-9366 But what does Carlos think?
 Price is moderate, $8-$12 per entree, with the most expensive being the daunting seafood "volcano" at $20.  The shrimp and Campechana cocktails were just as expensive and not nearly as good as at Playa Azul ten blocks South

Esperpento Spanish Tapas 3295 22nd St.(at Valencia) (415) 282-8867
G Loud !!½W Fun, loud, and eclectic -- esperpento is Spanish for "absurdity

Vogalonga Trattoria (Italian) 3234 22nd Street  (@Mission St) Regional standards from all of Italy. Z $$  "Rich, Southern Italian food paired with bottles of wine. Attentive service. Try the ravioli porcini, stuffed chicken, or spaghetti with seafood" I Love Beef C

Panchita's #3 (Salvadorean/Mexican) 3115 22nd St (@Capp) (415) 821-6660  Straigt-forward Latino cuisine presented with a touch of elegance. G $

Valencia -20th to 23rd

La Rondalla (Mexican) Valenica @ 20th the oldest Mexican restaurant does not get much respect from the critics but it still packs them in because its fun   to not be fussy about your food sometimes

Herbivore Vegan 983 Valencia St.(between 20th and 21st sts.)  (415) 826-5657 N

Dosa Indian/Pakistani 995 Valencia St. (nr 21st St) (415) 642-3672 dosa, thin crepes that hang over the edges of the plates and are stuffed with various fillings Top 100 Restaurant 2006

Firecracker Chinese 1007½ Valencia St.(at 21st Street)(415) 642-3470 Dinner Tuesday-Sunday, brunch weekends. Reservations: Accepted W An attentive waitstaff serves brave new Chinese cuisine in a cozy dining room with eclectic decor. G   walnut prawns are crazy delicious!

Rasoi Indian/Pakistani  1037 Valencia, (near 21st) (415)695-0599 W new ownership in 2006

We Be Sushi Japanese 1071 Valencia St.(between 21st and 22nd sts.) (415) 826-0607   The original cozy space. More elegant atmosphere with lesser parking near 16th

Garcon French 1101 Valencia Street (415) 401-8959 dining room is intimate in the best sense of the word...Appetizers are priced a little high, but everything else is totally reasonable. feel like you're in Paris, 

El Valenciano Spanish Tapas 1153 Valencia St.(between 22nd and 23rd sts.)(415) 826-9561 Largest restaurant in the Mission is great for banquets

Bistro Annex California 1136 Valencia / 22nd St (415)648-9020 2006 Award for Best Cheap Eats "A cozy little place with tasty food and good value.  We had lasagna and some bean stew both of which were yummy in a country kitchen kind of way.

Senses Restaurant Californian,French 1152 Valencia St.(bet. 22nd & 23rd Sts.)415-648-6000 The food - delicious. The presentation of every plate was absolutely gorgeous, just beautiful. It may even surpass many four and five star restaurants.

The Last Supper Club (Italian)1199 Valencia (@23rd St) 695-1199  Small neighborhood restaurant   service was good, the atmosphere was pleasant, but why is it so expensive


La Provence Restaurant French (Bistro),

1001 Guerrero St.(22nd St.)
Zagora Moroccan
1007 Guerrero St.
(at 22nd St.)
San Francisco, CA
The emphasis here is fresh! Homemade phyllo pastry, spicy homemade merguez sausages, even the complementary pita bread is house made to order, soft like Indan nan. The restaurant serves delicately spiced and flavored couscous dishes

Kiji Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar 1009 Guerrero Street (415) 282-0400 excellent Sake selection and the food is very good The sushi was fresh, the rolls creative and the toro was a delight.

The Liberties Irish Upscale pub food 998 Guerrero (at 22nd St), 282-6789  G !! W
Tao Cafe (Vietnamese) 1000 Guererro (at 22nd St) 415-641-9955 "refined feminine approach" and "stong French accent" "soothing" spare and elegant" $$Z
Lone Palm Lounge 3394 22nd Street (atGuererro)
The old-timer at this corner of Liberty Hill. Come here for the other worldly
atmosphere as there are no eats.
A refuge away -not a party place
Cheap Eats
Altena Taqueria  Taqueria 2588 Mission St, (between 21st & 22nd) (415) 641-8415
heap prices, fresh plentiful salsa, and a quick, friendly kitchen staff distinguish this Mission District taqueria. We're regulars on the fresh OJ and barbeque pork (el pastor) burrito  top 5 by citysearch  A spotless dining room, fresh salsa and friendly kitchen staff distinguish this Mission District eatery. check out the Carne Asada Super Quesadilla - once you eat one of these, all other quesadillas pale in comparison

Jay's Cheesesteak
Sandwiches 3285 21st Street (at Valencia) (415) 285-5200 Lunch, dinner
C For those who crave cheese steak...Jay's is a godsendThe Garlic fries are great($2.50) and everything comes out piping hot.  The artwork on the walls is also fantastic
La Copa Loca gelato ice cream 3150 22nd Street (415) 401-7424  Italian-born Mauro Pislor uses original recipes and imports his ingredients, except the fresh fruit, from his homeland. His signature sundaes combine fruit, purees, and gelato to resemble whimsical animals, characters like Pinocchio, or 'spaghetti pomodoro.'
24th St. || ||PARKING    

 El Trebol Nicaraguan 3324 24th St., (at Mission St)  (415) 285-6298. B Chicken encebollado (chicken with onions) is a half chicken, crisp and juicy, served with onions, rice, beans, tortillas, salad, and salsa, all for $3.75. All meals are prepared fresh on the spot.

El Nuevo Frutilandia Cuban/Puerto Rican 3077 24th St. (near Folsom St.); (415) 648-2958 G  The food here is excellent!!! The Ropa Vieja "old clothes" (marinated shredded beef) and the Yuca con Ajo (yuca with garlic) are both superb.

La Luna  3126 24th St. (@ Folsom) (415) 282-7110 Latino bistro. Mix of Latino dishes includes emplanadas, seafood tamals. Entres  run from salmon with coconut rice, carne asada  with black beans, and ancho chile aioli.

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor Mexican 2817 24th St. (near Bryant St.); (415) 550-9213 G!!S(M.A.J.) !    Enormous portions, rock-bottom prices, and a funky interior without a smidgen of pretense characterize This landmark Mission restaurant closed for remodeling in 2006.  

St. Francis Fountain luncheonette 2801 24th St., (at Florida) (415) 826-4200 ¢B '99 Best Fountain founded in1918. The SF 49ers were launched here.
Good food, sunny atmosphere, easy parking the best tofu scramble in town ...The breakfast is really great here....famed for their milkshakes...similar to Boogaloos, but it's less overrun with hipsters ...the wait-staff is hot and usually tattoo'd  

Manivanh Thai Restaurant 2732 24th Street (at Potrero) (415) 824-6059 the food is very good. It's my favorite Thai restaurant in the city.

Papa Potrero's Pizza
2700 24th Street (at Potrero) (415) 647-6685 delivery   Really good and really greasy

Mexican Fast Food

Casa Sanchez Taqueriarocketboy.jpg 2778 24th St.,  (York St.) (415) 282-2400 B Roast pork is the house specialty,  sold by the pound. Famous for the many who proudly display their rocketboy tattos. Outdoor patio. Chips & slasa are sold in retail establishments but this operation is another wing of the family.

Taqueria San Francisco
 2794 24th Street (415) 641-1770 Located about two blocks from Potrero Ave., this place is far enough from the nauseatingly trendy Valencia St. corridor to be devoid of any influence from the wrong things, but deep enough inside the Mission to be influenced by the right things. Burrito-eater #2 choice in the Mish

La Palma Mexicatessen
"best Mexican takeout in town" 2884 24th St, (415)647-1500 W The best Mexican takeout in town
Taqueria El Farolito
2950 24th Street
Top 5 Burrito by CitySearch "I really prefer the burritos at this spot, as opposed to the one on Mission. It could be because at this location you don't have to stand in line next to some guy wearing a cape calling himself Captain Underpants, or a bunch of drunk girls who keep saying how "ethnic" the place is. steven C.

Tortas Los Picudos
2969 24th Street (415) 824-4199 Most "tortas" in San Francisco don't feature quite the same authenticity or depth of flavor as you'll find here. Excellent tortas, full of flavor! Their tortas (mexican sandwiches) are packed with meat, cojita cheese, fresh avocado, tomatoes, jalapenos, and onion.

Taqueria Vallarta

3033 24th Street [at Balmy Alley] (415) 826-8116
star   "The best tacos anywhere. Never too dry or mushy. Very cheap and delicious. They always have a cart outside the taqueria, perfect for late night cravings or pre bar hopping food joan l.
Obsessive compulsive are good traits to have in your reviewer. The Burrito Eater has reviews for every Taqueria in the City. Primarily just the burrito itself but you can see taquerias sorted by name, neighborhood, rating or the number of visits. They also link to the latest health department report right there with the review
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San Francisco's ultimate cheap eat Paul Reidinger more

El Tonayense Taco Truck
Harrison Street & 22nd Street [1 of 3]

starstarstarstarhalf-star  tacos are cheap ($1.50 each) and irresistible - the meats, including rich carnitas and well-seasoned marinated pork, are piled generously atop mini corn tortillas and covered with chopped onion and fresh cilantro
top rated by

The Tamale Lady (415) 218-1443

starstarstarstarhalf-star "The Tamale Lady is overwhelmingly the most magical benevolent force in this hellbent satanic city.  Like a lone ranger of flavor, she appears without warning and sends your taste buds soaring.  What a gal that Virginia is! Ben V.

24th BART at Mission  || TOP || PARKING
Private lot available at Chavez & Mission (next to Blockbuster Video).
Velvet Cantina Mexican, Nuevo Latino
3349 23rd St.(Bartlett St.)

The former El Zarape space
The nachos were killer--it's the cheese... Excellent margaritas a nice tequila selection, and make very tasty, authentic margaritas - all hand shaken, homemade sour mix

Cafe Arguello Spanish Tapas 2832 mission st (at 24th) "What a jewel!  This great Spanish restaurant has the best Sangria in town.  The tortas espanolas, escalivada, almejas al vapor, patatas brava were all excellent tapas.Alfredo P.  

Chava's   (Mexican) 2839 Mission (@24th St) (415) 282-0283  Enormous plates of Mexican specialities.  $G!!W Friendly, funky diner features excellent chile verde and carnitas platters, huge bowls of beef, chicken, and shrimp soup

La Traviata Italian 2854 Mission St.(between 24th and 25th sts.)(415) 282-0500 W make the fat lady this 2-decades-old Mission institution G!!½
starA great place for dinner AND conversation.  You don't need to compete with the next table for air time. Very warm and friendly service....Piccata di pollo (Chicken piccata) and an awesome Tagliata (Veal cutlets) 

Red's Luncheonette 2894 Mission (at 25th Street), formerly Chat 'n Chew and still a real throwback and good deal Sun.-Mon.close  

Download Savanna Jazz French, African, Caribbean 2937 Mission St (btwn 25th & 26th)  
One of San Francisco’s real gems; this award winning Jazz club & restaurant a winner for "Turning on the Romance".

Suriya Japanese 1432 Valencia Street,(Near 26th Street) 415-824-6655 N This little bare bones nook serves some great Thai cuisine, and for good prices. Particularly recommended, when in season, are the fresh mussels on the half shell served with a flavorful coriander dressing Z


La Taqueria  2889 Mission St. (near 25th St.); (415) 285-7117GBSWCZ  there are great aguas frescas (try the cantaloupe) and horchata (a sweet rice drink). No rice burritos rule here. Great tacos Top 5 by Citysearch Top 100 by sfgate  
starstarstarstarblank star for those who want a cheap, fast, delicious meal without the b.s. - the burritos are consistent, the agua frescas delicious, and the crowd is a cool sf mix
Taqueria San Jose  2830/2839 Mission (at 24th St), (415) 282-0203/282-02 WN.  the great condiment bar 
2003 top 5 burrito in Bay Area by citysearch editorial

Taqueria El Farolito, 2777 Mission St. (between 23rd and 24th streets) (415) 824-7877
Top 5 Burrito by CitySearch
starstarstarstarhalf-star Their portions are generous and prices reasonable.  The chicken quesadilla with the works is probably the best meal I have ever had.  I paired it with a side of their green salsa (you have got to try it)
Taco Loco 3274 24th St. [at Mission St] 415/282-7018 Breakfast available. Open real late. Upscale decor with plentiful booths and granite. OK salsa bar. a well-flaked, grilled tortilla; heaping helpings of wonderfully charred, supremely sauced barbecue pork; steeltoe-kickin’ spice; all the deliciously melted cheese you could ever wish for along the inner tortilla; generous proportions, particularly length-wise; and despite these plus-sized dimensions, solid construction all around the horn   

La Corneta
Taqueria 2731 Mission St (between 23rd & 24th)  (415) 643-7001
starstarstarstarhalf-star Steak and Shrimp Quesadilla w/ mild salsa and a Large Strawberry Sangria.  Trust me--It's pretty darn bueno
Papalote Mexican Grill 3409 24th Street [at Valencia] (415) 970-8815
 star  marinated tofu.  fresh grilled veggies.  vegetarian beans.  salsa is amazing and sold by the jar as well.   delicious rice.  crispy chips. Grilled Veggie Burrito with black beans in the spinach tortilla "authentic and superb" Pancho Villa may have the security guard and the gymnasium-size dining hall, La Taqueria may have the tacky neon sign proclaiming its burritos the greatest things since sliced sesos, and Can-cún may have the misguided hipster cred. In our book, Papalote steamhammers them all.


Dianda's Italian American Pastry 2883 Mission Street (415) 647-5469 "the rum cake is great.....I'll have a dianda's pastry over tartine any day!"  Alfredo P



  San Miguel (Guatemalan Latin American) 3520 20th St (415) 826-0173 $WS The only lament is that San Miguel closes so early (7:30 p.m.)—but if it’s in the name of home cooking, let the cook get her rest! (S.D.) !!


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