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2004 Archive & Net Neutrality:
Covering key issues such as low power FM radio, the Clear Channel Monopoly, FCC and Big Media and Music Copyright Protection. Our Motto: Thinking Globally while trying to act nationally and regionally from the vibrant SF Mission.

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Net Neutrality
Clear Channel Can anyone stop Goliath from dominating the industry?
Hispanic Markets Why monopoly extands to the Spanish-language market.
Technology Trends : Does copy protection infringe on personal use?
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As the Clear Channel Revolt grows, the question becomes:
Can the pendulum swing far enough to create another music renaissance for the Bay Area?
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on the unchecked growing Media Entertainment Monopoply: a 2004 election issue
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Clear Channel owns or  controls nearly every major venue in the Bay Area, which means they exert monopoly control in determining concert pricing for both the consumer and the talent. In addition to 10 local radio stations they control over half of San Francisco's outdoor billboards.
Visit their web site for more


Aside from its stable of approximately 1,225 radio stations operating in 248 markets, Clear Channel also dominates the live entertainment business in North America. It owns, operates or exclusively books 135 amphitheaters, arenas, theaters and clubs. They are also the #1 company for outdoor advertising.

Currently, 10 parent companies control the radio spectrum. Viacom and Clear Channel alone claim 42% of the audience and 45% of the revenue. Clear Channel is in 248 of the top 250 radio markets, controlling 60% of all rock programming with over 1 billion listeners.



Capitol Hill observers say media ownership was the most discussed issue by constituents in 2003, trailing only the war in Iraq. The public is overwhelmingly opposed to media monopoly, yet the Bush administration apparently believes the fallout is worth it in return for long-term right-wing business allies dominating the public information channels.

In 1996,  with remarkably little public debate, a newly empowered Republican "Contract with America" Congress  passed  the Telecommunications Act which singled out radio for sweeping ownership deregulation. The big winner has been Clear Channel, who expanded from 40 stations to 1,225 and became the dominant concert and billboard vendor as well. Their widespread abuse of this monopoly position has not been widely reported by the media outlets who are hoping to achieve similar monopoly positions. All this despite widespread opposition to the loss of local independent voices.

Monopoly in Hispanic Media || Big Media Watch

Who can stand up to Goliath?

"You have a game plan by a large national corporation to try and capture market share by driving everyone out of the business: overpaying for talent so other promoters can't afford to compete and raising ticket prices on a broad basis so the consumer has to pay for it." -- Greg Perloff speaking about Clear Channel

Another Planet is the production company run by former Bill Graham protege Greg Perloff. Since scoring a coup in booking Bruce Springsteen at SBC Park, this upstart has continued to carve a niche in the face of entertainment giant Clear Channel. Another Planet shows are now being booked at the Greek Theatre, Oakland Arena, SBC Park and many other locations.

This is a good thing, right? Maybe, but as this article from the Sacramento Bee points out, not everyone is throwing confetti just yet. Presents the perspective of Clear Channel, Another Planet and small-time promoters.

Whatever your point of view, here's a breakdown of how it happened in the Clear Channel Archives.

Use our helpful preloaded Google Search links to update yourself on stories throughout this page

So how did Clear Channel become the big bully of radio and live entertainment? Some of the best coverage of this story has come from's Eric Boehlert. We've archived his reports on the emerging monopoly in the Clear Channel Archives.

Lowry Mays, Clear Channel Boss.

 Clear Channel Watch:

Google Search:
Lowry Mays+Clear Channel
Clear Channel+Monopoly
Another Planet+Perloff+Wasserman

  Zap2It! TV news, ratings and guide to television shows TV listings for broadcast, cable and satellite television

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World Music NEWS
Hispanic Broadcasting:
Another Growing CLEAR CHANNEL like Oligopoly
The Coming Latin Media Monopoly
Clear Channel  Monopoly Practices Expected to Grow

 The Hispanic Broadcasting Company (HBC), the leading Spanish-language radio network in the United States with 63 stations, and Univision Communications, the leading Spanish-language television broadcast company and a major Latino music label, became a combined company controlling almost 70% of the Spanish language advertising in the United States. Univision owned the Univision and TeleFutura TV networks, the Galavision cable channel, 50 television stations nationwide, a record label and an Internet site. HBC's largest shareholder was Clear Channel.

On September 22, 2003, the FCC approved Univision Communications Inc.'s $3.1 billion purchase of HBC, allowing the nation's largest Spanish-language media conglomerate to grow bigger still. The Republican-dominated Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to accept the deal, with the two FCC Democrats contending the merger would hurt competition and limit news and entertainment choices for Spanish-speaking Americans.

Both Univision and Clear Channel are unapologetically pro President Bush in their news programs and talk shows. Particularly ironic for the country's largest minority, neither company head is Latin, although both are prominent politically active white Republicans. More coverage in Aforum.

Who is
 Jerry Perenchio?
Jerry Perenchio, the CEO of Univision, may be the most private person leading a major media business. For many years he has refused all interviews and does not allow pictures of himself to be taken. Perenchio is not Hispanic and does not speak Spanish but he is also one of the state's largest political doners and unlike many entertainment types who live in Malibu California, favors Republicans. With a growing net worth around $3 billion, he is a regular on the 100 richest lists. Learn more about Perenchio in Aforum.

Learn more about Latin media in the SF Bay Area here:

Another Major Force: TV Azteca

TV Azteca (TVA) operats two national broadcast networks in Mexico through 554 owned and operated stations. It has expanded to the US through Azteca America Network, with 38 stations that cover 78% of the US Hispanic population. Azteca also owns a music company, Azteca Music, Internt Portal and the Monarcas Morelia soccer team. Around 70% of the US Hispanic market, nearly 33 million viewers or 11.5% of the total US population, has its origins in Mexico where Azteca owns and operates its many stations.
covers San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose as well as Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto, California for Azteca-TV.  KAZA-TV Channel 54 in Los Angeles and KUVR-TV Channel 68 in Reno, NV have generated considerable audience share is an excellent source for Hispanic-related news.

Track Latino business news at or

Google Search:
Jerry Perenchio+Univision

Technology Trends: Copy Protection
Do new security measures violate fair use laws?

Battles over copyright protection aren't only being fought over P2P networks. In an effort to stem music piracy, many CDs are now copy protected, preventing users from "rip and burn" tactics. However, this has angered many consumers who expect to be able to copy songs to personal playlists and mp3 players.

And it's not just the inconvenience of being unable to copy a song for your personal use: there have been many issues with these copy-protected CDs not playing in certain players, especially car stereos. Not exactly the best may to win back music fans who have turned away from CD purchases. Companies like Australia's EMI are 'fessing up to the problems in their technology, but it may be a case of too little too late for angry listeners.

So what now? There has been major backlash against the music industry, with many consumers angrily returning their CDs as "faulty." The next step may be to develop technologies allowing for a limited number of copies. But then, what's to prevent someone from simply duplicating that first copied file? And for that matter, programs like Audio Hijack and Wiretap allow users to record any sound playing through their computer. This seems like a battle the music industry will have a tough time winning.

You can find complete articles on this topic in the Technology Trends section in Aforum.

Google Search:
Music License Laws
Music Copyright Protection
Music Copyright

Questions about how copyright law applies to you? And what the heck is fair use anyway? Legal has the answers in its intellectual property section.

Miffed that you can't copy your CD for personal use? There's plenty of programs you can use to record audio on a computer: AudioStation || QuickRecord || All Sound Recorder || Audio Hijack || Wiretap

Fair use doctrine hinges on four issues: 1. if the use is commerical or nonprofit and educational 2. the nature of the copyrighted work 3. the amount of the copyrighted item used 4. the effect on the commerical value of the work


Non-Commercial Radio

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) (Oakland, CA). a national membership organization of community-oriented, non-commercial radio stations

Media Activist Groups

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US Government

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