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VIA Travel Magazine Loves the Mission District
E-mail President Phil Lesser to request  an illustrated reprint with a map 
MissionDistrict by SFCVB
According to the convention and visitor's bureau:
"May is an especially high-spirited month in the Mission District. That's when San Francisco celebrates
Cinco de Mayo and Carnaval,  with exciting parades. Carnaval is considered The City's version of Mardi Gras. Click here for a map.
SF Mission-Visitor's
Mission Map
Mission Dolores

The birthplace of the Bay area was at a now vanished lagoon named after the Lady of Sorrows--Dolores in 1776.
Mission Map by

Mission by
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a broad-based group composed of promoters, activists, dj's, musicians, artists, community members and club owners. Our goal is to protect, preserve and promote San Francisco's late-night culture.

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The heart of the Mission on Mission is the story of 21st to 22nd streets  Thursday, October 16, 2003
ial by Peter Platte Chronicle photo by Christina Koci Hernandez  September 1, 2003   My Mission /
Here, there is life. Here, there is hope. Here, there are ghosts.  
Essay by Peter Plate a special feature from

Mayoral Mission Visions full text from the 2003 Candidates Debate   is the main site. It features a directory of leading Mission businesess and professionals
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Mission District's Craig Stoll named

best Chef in the West

Craig Stoll, chef and co-owner of Delfina in San Francisco's Mission District was named best chef in the Pacific region at the prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards in New York on the June 8, 2008. These annual awards are considered the Oscars of the food world. Delfina opened in November of 1998. Anne and Craig married in 2000 and had their daughter, Lucy Rose in 2002.
Craig has garnered a loyal following for preparing delicious, soulful Italian food with a commitment to local, seasonal ingredients. The flavors are focused and the preparations are simple. Craig has also been quite active in recent years on behalf of the restaurant industry and small business as a spokesperson for small business in moderately successful attempts to temper City of San Francisco legislation regarding health insurance and sick leave that had a major financial impact on the labor intensive restaurant industry. The awards were handed out in a ceremony attended by more than 1,800 food and wine professionals. The James Beard Foundation, headquartered in New York, was named after the late teacher and cookbook author who championed American cuisine.
Delfina Restaurant, 3621 18th Street, San Francisco, CA, 415.552.4055  [more]

In Memoriam:
Robert Kreuzberger

January 31, 1924 - April 14, 2008

Sixty-two years of Service to the
 Mission Merchant Association:

The longest standing member in the history of the Mission Merchant Association recently passed away. Robert Kreuzber has served as president of Mission Merchants for three terms and on the Board of Directors for over 30 years. His membership check was always one of the first receieved each year. Bob was well known in the Mission as a noted  historian, curator of the SFFD Museum and producer of the Mission's 1906 commemorative event on April 18th.
Bob Kruezberger joined his father's real estate and insurance firm Kruezberger & Sons located on 21st near Mission right after World War 2 in 1946 and has served on its Board for over three decades. Bob is survived by his devoted wife Lois and many nieces, nephews and cousins. He was involved in the early planning and was an advisory board member for Bethany Center, a senior housing development at Capp and 21st Street. Bob was a member of St. John's Presbyterian Church from childhood. For many years, on April 18th Bob produced the commemoration of the " Little Giant" hydrant which was the only functioning fire hydrant following the 1906 Earthquake and Fire. He was curator of the SFFD Museum and a long member of the board of directors of the St. Francis Hook and Ladder Society.

The Fire Hydrant That Saved The Mission
San Francisco repaints this golden fire hydrant every year on the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. Legend has it that the hydrant, near Mission Dolores Park, miraculously delivered water when almost all others were useless, saving a large part of the city.
Gas mains had broken all over the city during the quake. Escaping gas was one of the primary causes of fire, especially from people trying to cook on stoves.
Running water had only recently come to Noe Valley. Mains had been installed around 1900, and these broke along with the gas mains, forcing people to fall back on disused wells.
Along Valencia Street from 21st to 17th, there was a hole big enough to bury at least 50 people, not to mention horses. The old Valencia Street Hotel, where I had played sliding over the banister, was lying flat on the ground and all the people in it had lost their lives, was the report.
Valencia Street was an old creekbed, which had been filled in and then built on. The severe jolts of the quake caused the soft-packed fill to settle suddenly, leaving gaping holes in the street. The buildings on top of the fill reeled with the force of this settling, and houses for several blocks leaped off their foundations. The four-story Valencia Hotel collapsed like a tower of cards. Its top floor landed intact in the middle of the street with the bottom three floors flattened underneath, crushing at least 15 people.
Thursday, April 19, 1906
The news came that as soon as the fire reached 20th Street,  a fire line was to be created meaning whole streets would be dynamited in a desperate attempt to halt the blaze from spreading south.
Hundreds of volunteers were determined to turn the fire back.  Old John Center's well furnished the water supply, from subterranean tanks he had made with hydrant connections in 1859. The hoses linked to a trusty hydrant at 20th and Church  was critical in dousing the blaze.
The fire had at last been halted at 20th Street. The neighborhood brigades, the faithful hydrant,  helped by water from Old John Center's well and a wind that suddenly came from the south, had saved the Mission from the fire and the Mayor's order for dynamite.
Today the victory is marked by a repainting of the hydrant each year on April 18. (You can join the '06 earthquake survivors in gilding the plug at 6:30 a.m.)
adopted from the article by Frances Gibson for Twin Peaks Sentinel, September October 1931 available at Noe Valley Library

On November 4, 2008, San Franciscans will head to the polls to elect the majority of the Board of Supervisors from Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 11 The Mission District touches on 4 Supervisorial districts but well over half is within District 9 where its long-time Supervisor, Tom Amminano is moving unchallenged to serve in the State Assembly as Mission District business person and Assemblyman Mark Leno moves to the State Senate taking over from Carole Midgen.  The race is considered a toss-up with no clear favorite. David Campos has been endorsed by the incumbent but both Mark Sanchez and Eric Quezada share similar resumes as strong progressive left advocates.
David Campos - Police Commissioner 
Eric Quezada - Community Activist
Mark Sanchez - School Board President
Eric Storey - San Francisco for Democracy, Political Coordinator
There are currently 4 candidates working hard for your vote as well as Martin Ford and Ignacio L. Nunez who may be joined by others before the August cutoff. 


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NEW BART OPTIONS for Mission Access 


The Caltrain Baby Bullet cuts travel times between San Jose and San Francisco from 100 minutes to under 57 minutes.  Caltrain will not be operating these trains on weekends and cautions riders that these trains tracks should be approached cautiously as the trains will be operating smoothly at close to their maximum speed of 80 mph


Caltrain & baby bullet

Plan a trip FROM orPlan a trip TO this destination or goto Mission Dolores

  The stops for getting on board for a most convenient ride to the Mission via the Millbrae intermodal station will be
  • Milbrae (SFO Airport.)
  • Hillsdale
  • Palo Alto (Stanford and City Shuttles)
  • Mountain View (VTA Light Rail)
  • San Jose Diridon (SJ Downtown. SJ Arena.  Light Rail

The Millbrae Intermodal Station provides the opportunity for riders coming from the farthest reaches of the BART system to access Caltrain - and vice versa - through an easy cross-platform transfer. Why not stop off in the Mission, the Bay Area's top restaurant neighborhood, on your way

Mission Advisory:Easy Parking Enjoy the Mission without the hassle of parking by using one of the large inexpensive parking lots at any of these 6 San Mateo County stations and taking your BART to the Mission. The 3 newest stations at Millbrae (3000 spaces) San Bruno (1,350) and South San Francisco (1,000) are particularly empty. Remember your stall number for payment purposes. Park FREE on weekends 
Remember BART will apparently still be shutting down shortly after midnight with no backup buses operating at this time....Director Tom Radulovich continues to seek dedicated funding for this service critical to the San Francisco entertainment industry.

 F  E  A  T  U  R  E D       L  I  N  
"Many small-business owners feel they are victims of their own success in San Francisco, that because they operate successful businesses here, The City asks them to bear more and more of the cost of running The City, regardless of what they get in return. "

After struggling with debt to the IRS and the landlord, beloved Roxie Cinema could see its marquee go dark
May/16/2005 - Chronicle

BEST panaderias

  • Dominguez Bakery,  24th St. (at Alabama)
  • La Victoria Bakery, 24th St. (at Alabama)
  • La Mexicana Bakery, 24th Street (at York),
  • Pan Lido, 22nd Street near So Van Ness


ON THE STREETS The Mission's 16th Street corners the market on eclectic style sfgate Mar03

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Mission by sfstation


 [F] Bay Guardian Joins Mission Merchants

To find who your legislators are, type your zip code in at this website:



DA Kamala Harris pledge to work with the new Mission SFPD  Captain who as of September 2004 is Captain John Goldberg.