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69a Studio & Gallery
69a Duboce Ave.
(Duboce near Valencia)
phone: 415.355.032

66 Balmy Alley (Treat @ 25th)
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps
phone: 415.648.1760

"Little mission art gallery with a wide range of artistic styles that go through here."
Events at upcoming.org

381 Guerrero St.
(Guerrero @ 16th)
phone: 415.255.1821

Artist-Xchange Gallery
3169 16th Street
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"Are you an emerging artist?  Well, Artist-Xchange might just be the place for you.  My first visit to this gallery was with a fellow artist friend and we both agreed that it was a nice little dig. The staff is gregarious and helpful. Best of all?  You can afford the art.  From originals to giclee prints, you can invest in some art that you can actually appreciate over time.  Another commendable element of this art gallery is the diverse types (representational to abstract).  Definitely worth a visit while you're strolling on Valencia!
Events at upcoming.org

Artists' Television Access Gallery
992 Valencia St.
(Valencia @ 21st)
phone: 415.824.3890
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The setting is deep mission funky, the space is cozy (read: small) but the people have their heart in what they are doing.... Hole in the wall where you can show your own movie (if you made one) to a random audience on ATA's projector.

110 Capp Street
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps
phone: 415.552.7873

Balazo 18 Gallery/Mission Badlands
2183 Mission St.
(Mission @ 17th)
San Francisco, CA 94110
phone: 415.255.7227
hours: Saturday & Sunday (2 - 6 pm)

Back Room in Adobe Bookshop
3166 16th St. @Valencia St.
T: 415.864.3936
A little gallery in the back 
"quite simply the cultural heart of my favorite intersection in the city ...he's super involved in the community and hosts art openings, book readings, and music performances here that are worth cramming into the aisles for. It's a great place to meet local artists, musicians, and just plain locals who are anything but plain... The art receptions are probably the most awesome thing about the store."

Blue Room Gallery Mission Merchant Member
2331 Mission Street (between 19th & 20th)
San Francisco, CA 94110

Dec 2002
 the Blue Room organized a very successful Mission art walk .
 Learn more here

phone 415.282.8411
hours: Sunday and Wednesday, noon to 9pm; Thursday through Saturday, noon to 10pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday

483 Guerrero Street
CELLspace's  Crucible Steel Gallery
2050 Bryant St (between 18th & 19th)
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps
415.384.0704 (415) 648-7562
Open 10am -10pm daily 
Breaking news in the CELLspace community
Marketplace on Sundays at Florida & 19th  
"They offer their space for rent to an incredibly diverse range of events and organizations, from dance groups made up of local kids to crafty lady gatherings to weekly hula hooping practice... This is a great place to learn, to watch and catch different types of shows, classes, etc.  You will definitely meet a lot of cool and interesting people. Come with an open mind and heart! Support this place for its uniqueness!"
3245 16th St. @ Dolores St.
T: 415.863.2108   
There are some amazing pieces here that are completely affordable and half of the proceeds will go towards a really good cause... CE is a great spot to pick up affordable original art for you or your friends.  It's a art studio/gallery for developmentally disabled adults. They have paintings, sculpture, ceramic masks, note cards, etc.   If you walk through the small gallery, you can head toward the back where the artists are working.  They are open and will talk to you about what they're making."
1800 Bryant St. #104 (corner of 17th),
T: 415.642.2360  
Galeria de la Raza
2857 24th St. (24th @ Bryant)
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps
phone: 415.826.8009

fax: 415.826.6235
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12noon-6pm
Hypersea's LWMP at Balazo 18 Art Gallery
2183 Mission St. @ 18th St.
Phone: 415 642-6576
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps
395 Valencia St. @ 15th St.
Yahoo! Maps
T: 415.522.1623  
John Bovio Studios 
546 Valencia Street

The Lab Gallery
2948 Sixteenth St. (Sixteenth @ Capp)
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps
phone: 415.864.8855


Linc Real Art
1 Otis St. (Otis @ South Van Ness)
phone: 415.503.1981

"Linc makes me think. Nothing they show is predictable or of a singular genre. Except for the genre I call "desire to purchase 80% of the work I've been introduced to there."

Lola Gallery 
2519 Mission Street (at 20th)
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps
"This is an interesting space, it used to be a couple of apartments and has been converted to a gallery. the art exhibitions are unique and tend to go late, so you can drop by after visiting other galleries downtown."

Mission Cultural Center
Gallery Museo
Call us: 415.821.1155
Fax us: 415.648.0933
2868 Mission Street (Right off 24th St. BART)
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ODC Theater Gallery Mission Merchant Member
3153 17th St. @ Shotwell St.
Yahoo! Maps
T: 415.863.9834   
"At least one weekend, forego the multiplex and support arts in SF. You'll be glad you did... The theater features local artists, so go support them --- I saw some friends perform (Strong Current, all-woman modern dance troupe with awesome choreography) there this weekend- and it was a great night."

214 Valencia St.
(Valencia @ Duboce)
phone: 415.437.9151
hours: Thursday - Sunday (3 - 8 pm) 

Red Poppy Art House Gallery
2698 Folsom @ 23rd St (enter on 23rd)
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps  
"This is a wonderful place to see art and music at the same time in the Mission.  The acoustics were fantastic and it was a warm, intimate atmosphere, I hope this place will continue to grow... This place is a real supporter of the arts and a great place to go if you want to really experience music or art in close quarters."

SOMA Arts Gallery
934 Brannan St. S F,  94103 
gallery hotline

Space 180
180 Capp Street (3rd Floor)
San Francisco, California 94110 Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps

Phone: (415) 503-0520
Spiral Muse
3387 22nd St.
Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps


3376 19th Street (between Mission and Capp), 415-821-1102 


24th Street, 

Southern Exposure
401 Alabama St. (Alabama @ 17th)
phone: 415.863.2141

"All the shows I have been to have been great and the artists they feature always ranged in their art discipline which is always nice to see. The staff there are the absolutely best, cheerful, helpful, and always good for a conversation.... It's a definitely a breath of fresh air in the snooty and hipper-than-thou art scene though and I'm glad it's around."



"Your city is remarkable not only for its beauty.
It is also, of all the cities in the United States, the one whose name, the world over, conjures up the most visions and 

more than any other, incites one to dream. "

Georges Pompidou more SF quotes
still more by sfvisitor.org

Besides the Clarion Alley there's two more in the Mission both off 24th Street the mini-park near York Street and Balmey Alley between Harrison and Treat
The Clarion Alley Mural Project
When the Bitter End Meets the Rainbow Swallow
Clarion Alley Mural Project
By Amy Larkin Gelbach

Clarion Alley runs between Mission and Valencia, parallel to 17th and 18th streets. It is open 24 hours a day and visible during daylight and dusk.

Clarion Alley Project at sfstation

"Clarion is in constant dialogue, continuously involved in a struggle of expression that plays out in a vibrant conversation down its length. Protests against domestic violence, and war and aggression by the establishment cry out together. Memorials boldly and graciously eulogize those who have fallen. An image of Apocalyptic San Francisco and a figure of Uncle Sam spitting bombs on to his foot sandwich Julie Murray's photo-realist escalator." 
Amy Larkin Gelbach Nov-2002

Precita Eyes Mural Center
PrecitaEyes.org || murals 1 || murals 2 || murals 3 || Murals 4

"photographs taken of copyrighted murals for the purpose of reproduction can only be used with written permission from the muralists"

Dedicated to enhancing the neighborhood with murals, as well as educating and involving others elsewhere in community arts projects. Susan Cervantes is the founder and director of Precita Eyes Murals.

SomArts SMRC Mural Resource Center ||  || info@somArts.org 
mural guides, maps and information available

ph 415.552.2131x110 fax 415.522.0136

934 Brannan St. S F,  94103 

Mission's Oldest Murals by sfbg.com

21st St Mural Project at.sfmission.com/

Bethany Center Mural by danfontes.com/


Mission Cafes 
Most feature Wall Hung Exhibitions from local artists. Here's a dozen from the excellent city guide whose logo is the Mission's most prominent landmark. Note the similarity to Paul Mahder of  the Blue Room Gallery's signature logo
© Paul Mahder at the Blue Room
Atlas Café 12 of the 
The Beanosf station
City Blend
The Club
Dolores Park Café
Katz Bagels
Mission Grounds
Muddy Waters
Que Tal 
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