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The Mission Merchants Association (MMA) Is made up of Mission District businesses and property owners. We share common concerns and want to make our businesses successful. Together, we can better address our mutual concerns. With a unified voice, we can better promote our businesses, get more vital public services, media coverage and small business opportunities.

 There is always something important to say to the City of San Francisco. This is best done as a dynamic organization. If we want to be able to expand out business opportunities, we need to be able to speak as a group for zoning that will give us flexibility of business use, maximize our BART/MUNI stops, address our parking concerns and improve the general appearance and safety of our neighborhood.

 The month of May and Carnaval San Francisco is a major opportunity for merchants to put media attention on our shopping corridor. It also gives us great opportunities to have people frequent our shops, restaurants and cultural centers.

Join the Mission Merchants Association. Let's profit together!



For membership applications and/or additional information about upcoming membership events, you are invited to visit our website, or contact:
Jean Feilmoser: President 415.587.2411 | 
Chris Collins: Treasurer 415.641.4924 |
Philip Lesser: Past President 650.347.6014 |
Anita Correa: Public Relations Vice President 415.863.7576 | 415.334.3307 |
Roberto Hernandez: Special Events Vice President h. 415.206.0577 |
Fiona O'Connor: Memberships Vice President
415.812.3966 | c. 415.812.3966 |
Shirley Wang: Secretary 415.637.5417 |

A safer, more enjoyable shopping enviroment

The MMA works diligently to address for the Mission District in general and its participating members in particular:

► Traffic and parking issues
► Streetscape and appearance matters
► General public safety

Representation as a Group and as individuals

The MMA represents the collective body and individual businesses before government agencies and departments in matters regarding:

► Zoning and business use issues
► Public works
► Community relations

Customers, customers,customers!

To attract more customers to its member busunesses, the MMA offers the following opportunities:
► Special media advertising at group rates
► Free public relations for member  businesses
► Tie-ins with special marketing and cultural events such as Carnaval San Francisco, Cinco de Mayo, art walks, theatre opening nights, concierge tours and more...

Networking opportunities

The MMA provides its members many opportunities to:
► Meet and work with neighboring businesses
► Meet and work with City officials
► Meet and work with community leaders
► Gain affiliate status with other business associations

Still more reasons to join the Mission Merchants Association of San Francisco