We all have but a short time on this earth. As slow as time can be it is also fast swift furious and mighty and then itís over. Jack Kerouac is dead. Andy Warhol is dead. Garry Winogrand is dead. Lee Friedlander Stephen Shore and William Eggleston are not dead yet but probably will be at some point. Charles Bukowski once said that endurance was more important than truth. Charles Bukowski's now dead. When I'm not taking or processing the pictures I'm mostly thinking about the pictures. I'm trying to publish a library of 1 000 000 hand crafted lovingly created individually finished and processed photographs before I die. Mostly I'm focusing on America. The absurdity of my obsessive compulsive view on photography is not lost on me. But it is the absurdity of life that I find most beautiful of all. Where Sisyphus had his stone I have my camera and a bag full of lenses. Document explore lather rinse repeat. Photography for me then becomes a kind of hyperactivity loosely arranged and presented. My work is less about individual images and instead more about the power of a massive amount of excessive and disjointed images where stories characters and places sometimes stay and other times reappear or disappear entirely for no good reason at all.