At the center of the many Mexican key figures in visionary muralist Diego Rivera's - " A Dream Of A --Sunday Afternoon In Alameda Park" we find: the most familiar of Dia de Los Muertos Icons --- Diego as a boy -- Frida --Catrina & Jose Guadalupe Posada. ________________ In San Francisco's Mission District; art annually takes nature as its model for Dia de Los Muertos which now plays powerfully throughout the Mission and Bay Area during the fall months of October and November with its zenith beginning at 6:30 pm for the ritual procession on November 2 at 24th St & Bryant [Galeria de la Raza] then to 25th St -Mission - 24th & completing the spiral by entering the much loved mural environment of Balmy Alley to the final stage where participants interact with the Festival of the Altars in Garfield Park. _____________ Diego Rivera's vision provided a needed unifying celebratory image of Mexico to itself. Through his art he unified a people long fractured by history language racism religious and political schism by proclaiming an identity for Mexico which it honors itself from the heart. _____ The Fresco originally displayed at Alameda Hotel is now housed in its own special museum on the West side of this famous Mexico City Park.