Caroline Paola Oliveira da Silva [born April 14 1982] is a Brazilian television and film actress. She played the lead role S˘nia in the telenovela O Profeta _________ fter starring several television ads she participated in the TV Record telenovela Metamorphoses in 2004 and in the following year she joined the cast of TV Globo telenovela BelÝssima where she played the role of Giovana Sabatini. Due to her popularity in BelÝssima in 2005 she was invited by O Profeta's production staff to play the telenovela's lead role of S˘nia In 2007 she played the role of Renata in TV Globo's end of the year special Os Amadores and in March 2008 she was hired to play the role of tennis player LetÝcia in Ciranda de Pedra which is a telenovela set in the 1950s. Her character's inspiration is Brazilian tennis player Maria Esther Bueno.Paola Oliveira starred in the feature film Entre Lenšˇis. Filming began in May 2008.The movie was released on December 5 2008 ___________________ Uploaded on February 23 2009 by dubiella to AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved