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CaptionSecurity The decision to travel is your responsibility. You are also responsible for your personal safety abroad. The purpose of this Travel Advice is to provide up-to-date information to enable you to make well-informed decisions. Crime Street crimes such as pickpocketing armed robbery and muggings occur with some frequency in Montevideo particularly in Plaza Independencia the port area La Ciudad Vieja the Old City and Avenida 18 de Julio. Avoid the "Cerro" neighbourhood and be cautious when walking downtown including in well-travelled areas. During the summer Canadian winter tourist police patrol the following Montevideo neighbourhoods where most hotels are located: Pocitos Punta Carretas El Centro La Ciudad Vieja El Cordón and El Parque Rodo. Uruguayan law enforcement authorities have increased the number of uniformed police officers on foot in areas where criminal activity is concentrated as well as the number of patrol cars in residential areas. The clearly marked patrol cars are equipped with cellular phones and the phone numbers are painted on the vehicles. Petty crime also occurs in towns bordering Brazil. Do not display large amounts of money in public. Ensure that your personal belongings and travel documents are secure at all times. Demonstrations Demonstrations occur regularly in Montevideo. Avoid all demonstrations and public gatherings and do not attempt to cross roadblocks even if these appear unattended. You should also refrain from approaching any demonstrations with cameras and communications devices. Before travelling by road from Uruguay to Argentina monitor local news reports to confirm that there are no scheduled blockades or demonstrations on the bridges connecting the two countries. Local transportation services are occasionally disrupted. Road travel Exercise caution and common sense when travelling by motor vehicle. The accident rate is high. Roads are often winding the terrain is hilly and most intersections do not have stop signs or traffic lights. Many cars are poorly maintained and traffic regulations are routinely ignored. It is advisable to buy gas near urban centres because the next station may be a long distance away. The main toll road to Punta del Este is good and well marked. The use of cellular phones while driving is prohibited. You should exercise caution when choosing taxis in Montevideo. When possible select one with three-point seat belts in the back seats or insist on sitting in front along with the driver. Taxis are equipped with a thick glass partition installed to protect drivers against crime. About three injuries a day are reported as people are thrown against the partition when the driver brakes suddenly or is involved in an accident. Injuries can be severe even in minor collisions. Air travel Consult our Transportation Safety page in order to verify if national airlines meet safety standards.
HeadlineCanadian Government County Travel Advisory is well organized and frequently updated. Emergency services The emergency number in Montevideo for police fire and medical assistance is 911. In the rest of the country dial 02-911 to connect with the Montevideo central emergency authority which will then contact the local emergency service.
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