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CaptionSecurity The decision to travel is your responsibility. You are also responsible for your personal safety abroad. The Government of Canada takes the safety and security of Canadians abroad very seriously and provides credible and timely information in its Travel Advice. In the event of a crisis situation that requires evacuation the Government of Canada’s policy is to provide safe transportation to the closest safe location. The Government of Canada will assist you in leaving a country or a region as a last resort when all means of commercial or personal transportation have been exhausted. This service is provided on a cost-recovery basis. Onward travel is at your personal expense. Situations vary from one location to another and there may be constraints on government resources that will limit the ability of the Government of Canada to provide assistance particularly in countries or regions where the potential for violent conflict or political instability is high. Demonstrations Tunisia is facing an increased risk of potentially violent demonstrations. Public order is regularly disrupted for various reasons including political social and economic tensions. These disruptions take the form of public protests labour strikes roadblocks and other disturbances that on many occasions have deteriorated into violent clashes between members of extremist movements the police and/or civil society demonstrators resulting in considerable property damage injuries and deaths. There have been reports of members of extremist movements harassing foreigners. Exercise a high degree of caution regularly review your security practices and remain alert to the changing situation follow the advice of local authorities avoid all confrontations public gatherings and areas where unrest or other demonstrations could occur since the situation could deteriorate suddenly. Exercise particular caution around December 17 2013 as well as January 14 2014 which mark important anniversaries of the 2011 revolution. Increased threat of attacks and kidnappings In 2013 the French military assisted the Malian government in efforts to repel armed rebels. Terrorist groups in the region declared their intention to increase attacks and kidnappings targeting Westerners. While the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali has been supporting the transitional authorities in stabilizing the region since July 2013 citizens of countries supporting the intervention are still at particular risk but all travellers should exercise increased vigilance in the region. Terrorism and kidnappings There is a general threat of terrorism and kidnapping in Tunisia. Maintain a high level of vigilance at all times. In the past year a number of suspected terrorists and arms dealers have been captured in various regions of the country indicating that extremist elements are present and that the instability in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East continues to pose a general threat to the security of foreigners religious sites foreign institutions and tourist facilities. A suicide bomber detonated himself on a beach near a hotel strip in Sousse on October 30 2013. The same day an attack was foiled at a popular tourist attraction in Monastir. These events did not result in civilian casualties. Given the threat of terrorism and kidnappings exercise increased caution including near tourist facilities and particularly in the Greater South south of the towns of Tozeur and Gabes including Djerba in areas near the border with Libya and Algeria the Mount Chaambi National Park including the regions of Le Kef Jendouba and Beja see regional advisory. Regularly review your security practices and remain alert to the changing situation. Crime Reports of petty crime including theft pickpocketing purse snatching and scams are much more frequent since the revolution. Watch out for pickpockets in public places and tourist areas. Ensure personal belongings are secure and carry photocopies of identification documents and your passport at all times. Store originals in a safe place.
HeadlineCanadian Government County Travel Advisory is well organized and frequently updated. You should be accompanied by a guide on your travels or use a guide to help plan your travel. A state of emergency remains in effect in Tunisia and travelers should be aware that local curfews could be imposed at any time in any region.
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