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CaptionThat's true. But even when we live in the shadow of an awesome overlook we don't always muster the energy to go see them. It's time to get up and get out of the house. ----------------- Here are some suggestions: -_- Twin Peaks: - The gold standard. GETTING THERE: West on Market. It turns into Portola then right on Twin Peaks. Grade: A   -_-Coit Tower: - There is virtually no view from the overlook unless you spring for a ticket to the top of the tower. GETTING THERE: North on Columbus to Lombard. Turn right. Lombard turns into Telegraph Hill Boulevard. Grade: D   -_-Sutro Heights Park: - An awesome largely unused vantage point high above Ocean Beach. GETTING THERE: Take your favorite route to Great Highway then up to the Cliff House. Grade: A-   -_-Russian Hill Place: - This is tiny and parking is not easy but you'll enjoy the two-way views GETTING THERE: Broadway to Jones turn right park near Vallejo. Grade: B   -_-The tee box on the 17th tee at Lincoln Park Golf Club: - GETTING THERE: West on Geary to 34th Avenue. Turn right enter the golf course and drive past the Legion of Honor. Turn right down the hill and find the parking spots along the ocean side. Grade: A -   -_-The corner of Fillmore and Vallejo: - GETTING THERE: West on Broadway right on Fillmore to Vallejo. Grade: view B nostalgia B+   -_-The top of Lombard Street: - This tourist stop is better than you might think. GETTING THERE: West on Broadway right on Hyde to Lombard. Grade: B Now before I even finished this people were asking me if I'd mentioned Grand View Park in the Sunset or the corner of 20th street and Pennsylvania on Potrero Hill. Which just proves the point. This place is lousy with views. In fact I left out one of my favorites. When baseball season rolls around I'm partial to the upper deck at AT&T Park on the third base side. You're high enough to look over the outfield wall and see the bay. Some nights there are sailboat races or tankers cruising by. And as a bonus they throw in a ballgame. It's quite a sight.
HeadlineIt's been said that San Francisco is the place where someone is always pulling you away from a great view to show you an even more sensational one around the corner.
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